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Hello Design Launches “Design for You” Contest from Herman Miller

Hello Design just launched the “Design For You” contest from Herman Miller .: A tiered contest unlike any other :. powered by collective participation. Each prize requires a certain number of people to unlock it. The more friends you share the contest, the more prizes get unlocked. On top of that, the person who gets the most people to enter the contest also wins the iconic office chair, the Aeron. The prizes get better each week, including the Yves Béhar Leaf Light, Embody Chair, or an original Eames molded plywood splint. The “Design For You Contest” culminates in a giveaway of the Grand Prize, five Eames Rockers hand-painted by commissioned artists, including John Cochran, Philip Lumbang, Mark Giglio, Chris Lee and Andrew Holder. The Grand Prize winner will be announced at the end of December. What are you waiting for? Entrants can enter to win at:

Bellow you can check the Behind the Scenes video.

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